Add statistics to your sports league, tournament,..

    3 ways in integrating "KAYPIC Stats" to your website

    1. Javascript Plugin -- add the "kaypic.js" file inside the header tag and load the script function inside the html body: you can output : Schedules, Standings, Leaders,All time leaders, Championship teams,...
              <script src=""> </script> 
              <h1> Schedule</h1>
              <p id="schedule"> </p>
              <script>showschedule() </script>
    2. Add link to your custom kaypic site back to your main site -- You can add redirect link on your custom kaypic site back to your main site. Access your "Kaypic portal" (advanced>>more) click on "Redirect back to primary site" and set your Redirect URL view an example of a custom website
    3. For web developper use our API--Use the kaypic API to integrate your stats directly into your site or mobile app view the kaypic API

  • create your kaypic account

Kaypic is more then just stats

Kaypic can help you save time and money with the use of key functionalities
  • Send "Alert" messages via (Email or SMS) to all players with a single click

  • Manage your championship Budget

  • Accept payments with "Stripe"

  • Manage Player's game attendance with Email or SMS
  • Manage Spares and more...