Kaypic.com is an interactive social network that promotes wellness via physical activities and sporting exchanges worldwide

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Inspire a generation, join our network!

Before anything else, thank you for visiting our new sporting community network! Our sporting network might become serviceable for your organization or career objectives.

The concept proposes a central device that would ultimately connect multiple users to a single network, the more users on the network, the better the benefits and opportunities for your sporting community. It provides a long range of perspective in the field of sports, wellness and physical fitness. Hence, Kaypic.com is a sporting social network that promotes cultural exchanges, and wholeness via sports activities and sporting opportunities worldwide.

The scheduled release date for the Community Network is August 2017.

What about the foundations of this new Sporting Network?

Investing in wellness is key to living a balanced life. Health conscious mindset will increase your level of personal satisfaction and your lifestyle. By implementing a positive approach at life and surrounding yourself with an individual like minded you can create a beneficial environment. Wellness includes several concepts such as health habits, stress management, mental stability and physical fitness, taking part in various physical activity programs, sports, and workshop contributes greatly to your overall well-being. What Kaypic.com is offering is a concept where individual or organization can share realistic experiences, stories or anecdotes via physical activities related to their domain of expertise within a venue, Kaypic.com, a catalytic trigger. 

Nonetheless, the sporting network is international, from European countries to Oceania, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Central Asia, South East Asia, East Asia and Pacific, Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and North America.

At the end, our ultimate goal for kaypic.com:

  • you could be in New Delhi and have an opportunity to get t-shirts manufactured for your Team in Germany;
  • or a soccer coach in Japan and recruiting a player from São Paulo in Brazil;
  • or a Rugby League in Australia coordinating a major international tournament with another League in England;
  • or a hockey player in Russia being scouted or invited at a training camp for a semi professional team in North America;
  • or a sports physiotherapist or kinesiologist from Sweeden being hired for an International Sports Tournament in Buenos Aires in Argentina.
  • or a Basketball player from North America being drafted for a Barcelona Team in Spain etc. The opportunities are countless, it all depends on the sporting community depth, audacity, and interconnections.

Also, Kaypic.com offers tools or products that might become practical for your personal or organizational usage, for instance, the Kaypic Sports Management platform (see the post on the main home page).  

And folks get this! The Kaypic.com sporting network is FREE!!! This is for real, no strings attached…!!!

Life is short, play more!

Team Kaypic


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