Kaypic Fans Hub app, the one-stop Sports Management mobile app for team sports

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The Kaypic Sports Fans Hub app, Sports Management at its best!

Kaypic Sports is a set of management tools for team sports, it is a multi sports platform, multilingual with advanced statistics as a prominent feature, it helps a manager to save time and money, and to go about their daily business for your esteemed organization. In addition, it allows highlighting the professionalism of your organization to your fans.

The platform offers 3 main tools: the Admin – content management (web app/mobile app to come); The Web access and the Kaypic Sports Circle Mobile (Fan hub). Thus, the Kaypic Sports Fans Hub app consists of a web app and a mobile app (iOS and Android) and it is free to use. Furthermore, the Management is accessible via a dedicated portal separately.

From high-level requirements, the venue is secured and safety is one of the several concerns of our Technical Team. Our Development Team understands the challenges and the necessity of an efficient sports management tool from Sports League and Association testimonies. The platform is reliable, versatile, efficient, user-friendly and innovative.

Who is the Kaypic Sports platform for?

  • An organization with several leagues and teams to manage;
  • A person wishing to manage tournaments throughout the year;
  • Several teams playing in a single league;
  • A team that wants to better manages its match information and statistics;
  • The neighborhood kids playing among themselves (one on one, two on two, five on five, etc,;
  • A player in a team who wants to create a personal profile;
  • Players of Sports video games, etc.;
  • Amateur, semi-professional, professional.

What team sport is currently offered on the Kaypic Sports platform?

Three sports are currently available on The Kaypic Sports platform, soccer, ice hockey, and basketball. However, the platform will eventually cover several other team sports such as football, futsal, water-polo, handball, baseball, cricket, grass hockey, lacrosse, rugby, volleyball, beach handball, beach volleyball, bowling, golf, curling, egames, kick ball, softball etc.

Main features:

  • Multi languages (French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese are currently available, others will follow shortly…).
  • You can create, customize and launch your own free website with a template via our Kaypic Sports domain name or still use your current domain name, or you can simply use our statistical sporting data system (API).
  • Multi Sports (hockey, baseball, rugby etc.)
Other features:
  • No annual fees for web support or hosting:
  • Our support team will help you all year long;
  • Integrate all your social networks on your website;
  • Create responsive websites;
  • Personalize and customize your website with a template;
  • Our Technical Team can create specific parameters upon demand for your website;
  • Create your own album, blogs, post videos;
  • Create and publish events, campaign, contests, news etc.;
  • Add your advertisement section or sponsorship;
  • Confirm players in advance;
  • Communicate with players and staff via SMS;
  • Recruiting new players, coaches etc.
  • Players secured online payments registration access;
  • And more features and functionalities and several upcoming in development.

There is an extensive range of exciting and mind bugging features and functionalities in our Road Map to be implemented and released in a near future.

The Kaypic Sports Fans Hub app is FREE just like the Kaypic.com Social Network! But first, you need to activate an account via Register Kaypic.

Life is short, play more!

Team Kaypic


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